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About us

The MUCOMU project was originated in 2010 during the discussion between an engineer and a musician about the future of live music in the modern era of digital processing and the Internet. The initial proposition went through many changes and evolved into the current version.  So why did we create this project?

There are plenty of websites devoted to music in the world, to specific bands and musicians, as much as there are various groups in social networks and databases. The aim of MUCOMU is to unite musicians, music managers and agencies within a single platform, to realize the ambitious goals on a global scale. Yes, it’s exactly that!

Our platform allows:

  • to search for musicians by such criteria as instrument, style of music, country and city,
  • to contact directly any user of the portal,
  • to promote yourself or a band at the highest level.

Thanks to the multilingual environment, MUCOMU allows organizers and managers worldwide to find preferred musicians and discover new talents. The MUCOMU team is made of highly qualified engineers and managers from the IT industry. Each of us has the general understanding of music and the music business, but this knowledge is incomparable to professional skills and experiences of our users. Therefore, we would be happy to receive your feedback and recommendations regarding the functionality of this site. Should you have any comments or questions, please, do not hesitate to write to Alice Mucomu, who will gladly answer your questions and take into consideration your feedback.